Maiden uniteD (1980)

Maiden uniteD ist ein niederländisch-englisches Musikprojekt. Die Musiker spielen Lieder der britischen Heavy-Metal-Band Iron Maiden in Akustikversionen. Das Projekt veröffentlichte bislang funf Studioalben.

�MAIDEN UNITED play IRON MAIDEN „UNPLUGGED“ – „1980“��During the 1980 shows the band will play all songs from the legendary first Iron Maiden album (1980) in special acoustic rearrangements featuring Dennis Stratton (Iron Maiden Guitarist 1980) on guitar, Doug Hall (Iron Maiden soundengineer 1980) on the FOH desk and Steve ‘Newhouse’ Loopy as a narrator on stage…and of course some more tracks of the previous Maiden uniteD albums will be played live. Dennis will play along with some other tracks as well like ‘The Trooper’ and ‘Wasted Years’
After 5 studio albums, the Amsterdam Carré show (2018), the ‘Sailors of the Sky’ Tour (2019), the Powerslave Tour (2022) is 1980 their next chapter for 2023. �

The Band :
Doogie White – vocals
Dennis Stratton – Guitar
Ricardo Gordo – Guitar
Joey Bruers – Bass
Michiel van den Boer – Hammond
Pim Goverde – Drums

DOORS : 19:30
SHOWTIME : 20:30

Die Veranstaltung ist beendet.


Okt 05 2023


19:30 - 23:45


Rockfabrik Uebach-Palenberg
Rockfabrik Uebach-Palenberg
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