Mr. Punch / a tribute to Marillion

Mr.Punch pay tribute to the Fish Era of Marillion,
complete with make up and theatrics in classic Fish
style, genuine 80s rock.
Born from the love of the band’s early material, Mr
Punch recreate the complex, intricate sounds of early
As part of a 2-hour Fish Era setlist, we will play the
Script for a Jester’s Tear album in its entirety to
celebrate the 40th Anniversary and a broad selection of
tracks from the first four Marillion albums, from the big
hit singles such as Cinderella Search, Kayleigh, and bsides…
and who stalks the night!
We’re also currently performing, upon request, „…

“ , to celebrate the 40th
Anniversary of Script for a Jester’s Tear, a double album live set, playing also the whole Misplaced Childhood
We’re organising some surprises of course also to celebrate the 40th of “Fugazi” in 2024.
Mr.Punch honour a much-heralded era of music, which is still today so warmly welcomed by prog-rock fans
young and old, and will take you on a journey, back to a time of the Jester.


Jun 15 2024


21:00 - 23:15
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